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General Policy:

If your child is sick, please visit us another day. Please keep an eye on your children. As a courtesy to other attendees, please try to keep talking to a minimum during the storytime program. There is a suggested donation for programs & events. However, we will gladly accept whatever you are able to give. Any additional donations that you would like to make towards the restoration of our storytime mats and other program expenses are appreciated. All are welcome!

Get Involved!

Parent volunteerism is at the heart of Harlem4Kids. It's how we keep our programs operating. If you'd like to volunteer your time or skills in the areas of membership, programming, special events, or business affairs, or if you have a talent you'd like to share with the H4K community, just send us an email at [email protected].

Emergency Contact Form:

In case of an emergency, we'd like to know the best person to contact. Be sure to fill out our Emergency Contact form upon your arrival the first time you attend an H4K program or event. If you already have, but your contact information has changed, please let us know.

Liability Waiver:

Harlem4Kids is committed to the families in our Harlem community. Please be assured that Harlem4Kids will take every precaution to ensure that our programs and events are not only fun and enjoyable, but also safe for you and your child. We hope you agree that Harlem4Kids should not be held responsible for any unlikely accidents or loss of property. Be sure to fill out our Liability Waiver upon your arrival the first time you attend an H4K program or event.

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